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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Affinor do?

Affinor's mission is to develop technology for growing better food. We design patented and commercialize vertical farming technology for the indoor controlled environment and outdoor greenhouse agriculture industry.

What is Affinor's plan?

Our plan is to become the leading technology developer and distributor of vertical farming equipment to help solve food security problems with proprietary growing and cultivation systems. With the help of our strategic partners and our technical team, Affinor's immediate plan includes continuing the development and commercialization of the technology and equipment, validation through third party partners, and build a pilot plant to prove commercialization and revenue models providing the sales tools for license agreements and revenue.

What experience do you have in the Agriculture Sector?

We have experience in both production and trade of agricultural products. Our advisers and network range from large scale retail, local farmers, international berry producers, large greenhouse farmers, cannabis expert growers, strawberry experts and distributors. Representing each segment from seed to consumption, Affinor researched the limitations and problems facing each segment and has design solutions that can be implemented across all channels providing a universal solution using agriculture technology.

As an investor, will I receive dividends?

It may be possible to pay dividends once production is fully underway making good profit. For now, Affinor will continue to reinvest any profits to cycle back into existing investments in the company.

As an investor, how do I profit?

Any investment has an element of risk. Affinor Growers is focused on long-term sustainability and success.

How does Affinor Growers differentiate itself from the Market?

Affinor is only one of the few companies developing vertical solutions for the greenhouse industry taking advantage of the sun and natural growing conditions. Most vertical systems are associated with warehouse and indoor applications limited by high rent, energy cost and space. We are also one of the few companies focusing on high value crops like strawberry and fruits for vertical solutions as most vertical systems focus on low cost lettuce, mixed greens and micro greens. Affinor's technology is patented and incorporates mechanical pollination, unique to vertical farming.

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About us

Affinor Resources is a diversified publicly traded company on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol ("AFI") and Frankfurt Exchange. Affinor is focused on acquiring and commercializing vertical growing technology to help increase crop production.


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We'll keep you in the loop! We don't send spam. We only send news that you'll want to be the first to know! Enter your best email below now.