changing the way the world grows

We are a vertical farming technology and greenhouse operations company that is publicly traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol AFI and on the OTCQB under the symbol RSSFF

Affinor is a patented technology developer and supplier of turnkey vertical farming facilities including proprietary greenhouse, growing towers, automation and cultivation processes. In 2021, the worldwide market size of vertical farming was US$4.3 billion and is forecasted to reach US$20 billion by 2028 for a CAGR growth rate of 24.4%.  Affinor has developed and patented its own growing towers in Canada, the USA, Colombia and Aruba. Patent pending automated lettuce line production technology is ready for commercial pilot.

Affinor has an aggressive expansion plan to grow strawberries, romaine lettuce, kale and spinach across Western Canada.


Our Vision

To become a premium producer of fresh produce by leveraging our exclusive vertical farming technology and process knowledge.

Our Mission

Affinor is on a mission and we are committed to becoming a pre-eminent supplier of quality food in an ethical, environmentally friendly and energy efficient way, and to make a significant economic return for Affinor’s partners and shareholders



Affinor CEO, Nick Brusatore designed and established manufacturing capacity for Affinor’s growing towers with a local steel manufacturing company in BC. The towers provide a 3-6x increase in yield per square meter depending on the crop. It is the most sustainable and cost-efficient vertical technology. Typical water use is cut by 95%, and soils are remediated onsite. The operation runs on alternative energy, and there are no toxic outputs. Vertical farming technology systems sales revenue is projected at $17,085,000 for 2023.

Affinor is currently growing strawberries at 4 levels in a 15,000 square foot leased greenhouse in Abbotsford BC. The first harvest is expected in March 2022. The premium, soil grown, Delizzimo variety strawberries will be packaged and sold under the company’s own “Eco-spirit” brand. Application for organic certification will follow demand.

Affinor is executing a strawberry production scale-up plan for the Abbotsford property to build an additional 67,000 square feet of 8-level greenhouse facilities (82,000 square feet in total). Affinor  signed a strawberry distribution agreement with Berrymobile on Feb 15, 2022. Berrymobile is a Vancouver-based distribution company which supports and promotes fruit farmers in British Columbia. Berrymobile partners with retailers across major grocery banners in the Lower Mainland. The agreement stipulates a wholesale price of $5/lb. Based on an industry established yield of 4.5 pounds per plant per year, the pro forma 2023 revenue from fully scaled strawberry operations is $5,339,520.


Affinor has partnered with Britespan Building Systems Inc. to engineer and build a proprietary greenhouse called the “Atlantis”. The design optimally accommodates Affinor’s technology for use in all climates including heavy snowfall and extreme heat. Affinor is the design partner and exclusive sales representative for Atlantis greenhouses. This new product is expected to accelerate the company’s scaleup and growth plans, as well as creating a new sales revenue stream projected at $9.9 million in 2023.

Affinor Growers’ management is looking for $100+ million in non-dilutive financing to scaleup their current strawberry production and build additional facilities in Alberta and Saskatchewan to grow romaine lettuce, kale and spinach. The 5-year, Western Canada growth plan is to invest $100 million in new facilities over 3 years to realize $161,485,912 in total revenue by 2027 with 35% Net Income


Strategic alliances

Affinor has signed a Commercialization Agreement with Britespan Building Systems Inc. (“Britespan”), a private Ontario Corporation, to engineer and manufacture new polycarbonate greenhouses (“Atlantis”) co-designed by Affinor and Britespan.
Britespan currently designs, engineers, and manufactures prefabricated buildings in Canada and internationally. Affinor conceived the "Atlantis" greenhouse by adding a polycarbonate material to the outside surface of the Britespan building trusses. This dramatically improves certain key performance characteristics of commercial greenhouse systems, while optimally accommodating Affinor’s vertical growing technology and processes.
Affinor and Britespan have joint right, title and interest in the Atlantis Greenhouse, including any enhancements, changes or improvements introduced by either Party. Britespan has agreed to pay all costs required to design the Atlantis Greenhouse Structure, as well as prefabricate and manufacture the component parts. Affinor retains sole responsibility for ongoing servicing of contracts and relations of customers having purchased an Atlantis Greenhouse.

A Demonstration Project has been agreed to for the Parties to work together to manufacture the first full-scale Demonstration Greenhouse, to be built adjacent to Affinor’s current lease location on Page Road in Abbotsford. This will provide a benchmark for Atlantis Greenhouse build costs and timing. Affinor shall be responsible for engaging a Dealer (or other third party) to build and complete the Demonstration Greenhouse at the site.
Affinor is responsible for the operation of the Demonstration Greenhouse, including the collection and interpretation of data, and the reporting of the greenhouse performance. This data will form a basis by which Affinor and Britespan will price the Atlantis Greenhouse for commercial sale. Affinor exclusively owns all rights, title and interest in all data collected with respect to the Atlantis Greenhouse.
Affinor will be the exclusive worldwide dealer of the Atlantis Greenhouse. The company may also engage, employ or contract Dealers as Affinor deems necessary and appropriate. Britespan shall direct all sales and marketing calls relating to the Atlantis Greenhouse to Affinor. Affinor retains sole responsibility for sales, marketing and promotion of the Atlantis Greenhouse. Britespan shall cooperate and provide business development resources to Affinor for the purpose of accelerating industry adoption.

Britespan shall be the exclusive worldwide supplier of the Atlantis Greenhouse Structure for a term of ten years, with automatic 2-year renewals thereafter. Affinor shall place orders for the Atlantis Greenhouse at the rates indicated by Britespan through their exclusive British Columbia dealer, Spanmaster Structures Ltd. Affinor shall have the sole right to set the retail price for the Atlantis Greenhouse.
This agreement puts Affinor in a unique position of having complete, turnkey systems for vertical farming technology and processes. The greenhouse design is expected to be competitively priced and quick to build, with special characteristics to accommodate any climate. The Atlantis is a key component of Affinor’s 5-year scaleup and growth plan.

Affinor has entered into a long term relationship with the University of the Fraser Valley (“UFV), to consult on strawberry growing in the newly designed soil-based, vertical growing tower with the use of Lighting at Affinor’s Abbotsford location.

The project is overseen and managed by Dr. Thomas Baumann, former Associate Professor of the U of FV and well known agriculture expert. He has been responsible for the planning, development and creative problem solving of various projects, from plant micropropagation and functional/medicinal crop cultivation, to hydroponics and laboratory design.

Affinor has been in discussions with the government of Aruba for many years. Aruba granted Affinor a patent for its growing towers on Feb. 10, 2022. This is the first step toward growing food and cannabis on 140 acres at the north end of the island. The University of Fraser Valley was brought in to develop the educational process to train Aruba-based employees on how to grow using Affinor’s technology and processes to create a sustainable new industry.